Gian Arturo Ferrari
Ragazzo italiano (Italian Boy)

An Italy still alive in the deep memory of the country, in the familiar vicissitudes of many Italians. 

The story of Ragazzo italiano (Italian Boy) reflects the history of the whole country – the harshness, poverty, anxiety about the future – the story of a generation born of the war but determined to carry out projects and dreams beyond that tragedy. Keep reading…




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Enrico Palandri
Le condizioni atmosferiche (Atmospheric Conditions)

Everything flows in a clear, rough and melancholic portrait, full of passion and compassion for exertion and joie de vivre.

Le pietre e il saleLe vie del ritornoLe colpevoli ambiguità di Herbert MarkusAngela prende il voloL’altra seraI fratelli minori: six novels, six stages of the same journey that led Enrico Palandri to tell private stories within the historical and social framework of the last forty years. Keep reading…




* * *

Gianrico Carofiglio
La misura del tempo (The Measure of Time)

The new Guido Guerrieri novel, a N°1 bestseller

A surprising investigation back and forth across the dangerous border between truth and mere verisimilitude. His old friend Carmelo Tancredi, a retired police inspector, and charming investigator Annapaola Doria are once again by his side. Keep reading…





* * *

Melania G. Mazzucco

The first female architect of modern history.

In May 1624 a father accompanies his eight-year-old daughter to Santa Severa beach, north of Rome. There, a few months earlier, a chimerical creature ran aground. A whale. Until the day of that discovery, no whales had ever appeared on the coasts of Italy. That’s why the man is there. He wants his daughter to understand that even what is beyond our horizon exists. Keep reading…







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