Lia Piano
Planimetria di una famiglia felice (Blueprint of a Happy Family)

“The teacher explained to me that books were once trees, that cellulose comes from wood. Even this was not entirely true: books were still trees, and wherever you put them the took root. If there were books it meant that was home.”

Opening this novel is like entering the big house where an enchanted childhood is possible. Then the enchantment ends, we all know, but some have the gift of staying in touch with that first light. Lia Piano’s narrative debut is surprising for the confidence with which she manages to mix memory and invention, avoiding any easy nostalgia thanks to her lightness. Keep reading…





Silvia Ballestra
La nuova stagione (The New Season)

“After what had happened, a new affection bound us to those places. A desire to care, protect and know.”

Is everything really so immutable in the succession of generations and harvests? Can we still hope to leave the planet better off than when we came into it?
Silvia Ballestra writes a novel that is current and ancient at the same time, like the places where she was born, to which she dedicates pages of scathing humor, but also full of the nostalgia and the amazement of someone who feels that a new season is coming. Keep reading…



* * *

Roberto Burioni
Omeopatia. Bugie, leggende e verità (Homeopathy. Lies, Myths and Facts)

“On some matters of life it’s a good thing to have your own opinions and to compare them. On others, however, we must surrender and leave room for facts.”

Roberto Burioni – doctor and professor of Microbiology and Virology, scholar and researcher internationally known for his pro-vaccines fights – reviews lies, myths and facts of a therapy method followed by millions of people all over the world. Keep reading…




* * *

Ezio Mauro
Anime prigioniere. Cronache dal muro di Berlino (Captive Souls. Chronicles from the Berlin Wall)

Ezio Mauro goes back to the divided city and for the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, he gives an impassioned account of the event that marked the beginning of today’s world.

We all know what happened on November 9, 1989 in Berlin. Some thought that history was finished and that over time the whole world would be more and more similar to the West. But history hides in the details, in the gestures, in the steps, missteps and second thoughts of its protagonists. Keep reading…




* * *

Paolo Crepet
Libertà (Freedom)

Freedom can be found everywhere, even in the most unexpected places: in a prison, in a cloistered convent, in a hospital room, in a concert hall, in a scientific lab, in a shelter for immigrants.

The lives of the people chosen by Paolo Crepet, – one of the most authoritative psychiatrists in Italy – as companions and guides in this exploratory journey prove it, as each of them has been able to conquer their own space of freedom in which to cultivate an idea of future and hope. Keep reading…






Gianrico Carofiglio
La misura del tempo (The Measure of Time)

The eagerly awaited new Guido Guerrieri novel

A surprising investigation back and forth across the dangerous border between truth and mere verisimilitude. His old friend Carmelo Tancredi, a retired police inspector, and charming investigator Annapaola Doria are once again by his side. Keep reading…





* * *

Melania G. Mazzucco

The first female architect of modern history.

In May 1624 a father accompanies his eight-year-old daughter to Santa Severa beach, north of Rome. There, a few months earlier, a chimerical creature ran aground. A whale. Until the day of that discovery, no whales had ever appeared on the coasts of Italy. That’s why the man is there. He wants his daughter to understand that even what is beyond our horizon exists. Keep reading…




* * *

Concita De Gregorio
In tempo di guerra (During Wartime)

A coming-of-age story, a family chronicle, and a political manifesto.

Marco’s account of his first thirty years holds together the story of a “lost generation” and that of the twentieth century, to which we all belong. He has much to say about his battle, the same as many of his peers. Keep reading…





* * *

Giancarlo De Cataldo
Quasi per caso (Almost by Accident)

A city in revolt. A young officer accused of murder. A race against time to save him from an execution.

Turin, 1849. After the defeat in Novara, where Radetzky’s Austrian troops crushed king Carlo Alberto’s dream – who will abdicate right after – Major Emiliano Mercalli di Saint-Just returns to Turin to marry his fiancée Naide, one of the first female doctors in Italy. Naide, however, is a convinced patriot, and while Emiliano was on the battlefield she moved to Rome. Keep reading…



* * *

Gino Vignali
La notte rosa (Pink Night)

A new investigation for deputy commissioner Costanza Confalonieri Bonnet.

Deputy commissioner Costanza Confalonieri Bonnet’s thoughts are darker than usual. And even her team is not in a good mood. A case that at first looked like a scam soon turns into something really scary. Keep reading…





* * *

Walter Veltroni
Assassinio a Villa Borghese (Murder at Villa Borghese)

The thriller debut by former mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni. An ironic and compelling novel that’s also a love letter to Rome and its most beautiful park.

The mayor, madly in love with the Villa Borghese, manages to open a police station in the park. “To do what,” the police chief says, “arrest the blackbirds?”. For the new office they decide to summon a team of not too brilliant policemen. Like the magnificent seven, only magnificently inept. Keep reading…




* * *

Vincenzo Trione
L’opera interminabile (The Endless Work)

The first, surprising, and essential canon on art in the new Millennium.

Artists like Kiefer and Hirst. Authors with a deep visual vocation, like Pamuk and Balestrini. Filmmakers like Greenaway and Inarritu. These are just a few of the protagonists of this fundamental canon of art in the 21st century, which also lets readers lacking specialisms (but who crowd exhibits and museums) to navigate contemporary art in a new, winning way. Keep reading…











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