Andrea Ricolfi
L’ultimo marinaio (The Last Sailor)

This is a book for those who would be happy just sitting on a rock by the sea and watching the snow fall on the fjord and on the surrounding mountains. It’s a book for those who, bravely enough today, choose nature over human beings, but still can’t help hoping in a better, more gracious humankind.

Matias lives on the island of Noss, a desert rock in the Norwegian sea. That very ocean, that took his father away when he was just a child, means everything to him. His only inheritance is the Marlin, a hand-built wooden sailing boat. This is the origin of his dream: to create a sailing school, to shape sailors like there used to be. Keep reading…



* * *

Melania G. Mazzucco

The first female architect of modern history.

In May 1624 a father accompanies his eight-year-old daughter to Santa Severa beach, north of Rome. There, a few months earlier, a chimerical creature ran aground. A whale. Until the day of that discovery, no whales had ever appeared on the coasts of Italy. That’s why the man is there. He wants his daughter to understand that even what is beyond our horizon exists. Keep reading…




* * *

Gianrico Carofiglio
Della gentilezza e del coraggio (Of Kindness and Courage)

A N°1 bestseller

A compendium of principles and methods for the practice of politics and civic responsibility, to encourage a society of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence. A book that subverts assumptions and challenges limitations. A book that never claims to provide the answers but, instead, champions the art of questioning. A must-have mini-manual for the thinking citizen – and politician. Keep reading…




* * *

Gianrico Carofiglio
La misura del tempo (The Measure of Time)

Premio Strega 2020 finalist

The new Guido Guerrieri novel, a N°1 bestseller

A surprising investigation back and forth across the dangerous border between truth and mere verisimilitude. His old friend Carmelo Tancredi, a retired police inspector, and charming investigator Annapaola Doria are once again by his side. Keep reading…




* * *

Gian Arturo Ferrari
Ragazzo italiano (Italian Boy)

Premio Strega 2020 finalist

An Italy still alive in the deep memory of the country, in the familiar vicissitudes of many Italians. 

The story of Ragazzo italiano (Italian Boy) reflects the history of the whole country – the harshness, poverty, anxiety about the future – the story of a generation born of the war but determined to carry out projects and dreams beyond that tragedy. Keep reading…




* * *


Francesco Piccolo
Momenti trascurabili, Vol. 3 (Negligible moments, Vol. 3)

Francesco Piccolo is back with another collection of humorous snapshots that reveal the preciousness of every little fragment of our daily life.

What if in life there were no negligible moments? From the hopelessly mismatched socks to the fortune teller who predicts a new love for your wife, by now we know the fun of living every instant (even the ones we would rather forget). And we will never get tired of finding that fun all over again. Keep reading…




* * *

Patrizia Cavalli
Con passi giapponesi (Japanese Steps)

Premio Campiello 2020 finalist

From the first text that gives the volume its title, the reader finds himself contemplating a comic-tragic world, labyrinthine to the point of dizziness, in which passions without success and desperate, forced social mannerisms come on stage, while life bleeds out, faking it. Keep reading…




* * *


Paolo Crepet 
Vulnerabili (Vulnerable)

Paolo Crepet analyzes what happened during the months of lockdown and the slow restart, and what awaits us in a present still threatened by the virus.

The epidemic has forced us within four walls, but in doing so it has allowed us to slow down and take a breath, to rediscover habits and dreams abandoned in a drawer during the frenzied daily race and, therefore, to get to know each other more. We have found that we are far less strong than we thought. We have found we are vulnerable. Keep reading…



* * *


Ezio Mauro
Liberi dal male (Free from Evil)

A journey beyond fear, to understand how this epidemic is changing our freedom, our rights, our democracy.

“While power attacks the virus, the virus has already affected the power. It is not the one that changes, as we feared in our worst nightmares: in fact it is changing us and the relationship between citizens and State.” Keep reading…




* * *

Matteo Nucci
Achille e Odisseo. La ferocia e l’inganno (Achilles and Odysseus. Ferocity and Deception)

With an engaging narrative, Matteo Nucci reveals the eternal dimension of the two great Homeric heroes: opposite human models that go beyond the myth.

What does it mean to be human? Throwing yourself headlong against obstacles at the cost of death, or planning every move wisely? Chasing the truth, or manipulating it? To be Achilles, or Odysseus? Keep reading…




* * *

Silvia Ballestra
La nuova stagione (The New Season)

Shortlisted for Premio Strega 2020

Is everything really so immutable in the succession of generations and harvests? Can we still hope to leave the planet better off than when we came into it?

Silvia Ballestra writes a novel that is current and ancient at the same time, like the places where she was born, to which she dedicates pages of scathing humor, but also full of the nostalgia and the amazement of someone who feels that a new season is coming. Keep reading…



* * *

Walter Veltroni
Buonvino e il caso del bambino scomparso (Buonvino and the Case of the Missing Child)

The second chapter of the Villa Borghese series.

When a girl approaches him to ask him to investigate his younger brother, who disappeared years before and was never found after a trip with his family in the park of Villa Borghese, Buonvino becomes passionate about that cold case with dark implications and decides to help her. Keep reading…




* * *

Gino Vignali
Come la grandine (Like a Hailstorm)

A fun and moving adventure between modern criminals and ancient treasures.

The fourth book in the mystery series by Gino Vignali is the surprising, hilarious and tender ending of an irresistible saga. Keep reading…





* * *

Nicola Lagioia
La città dei vivi (City of the Living)

A novel that has all the impact of actual fact, a piece of investigative journalism that hovers between In Cold Blood and True Detective, in twenty-first century Rome.

From the murder case that has most profoundly roiled the consciences of Italy in recent years comes a riveting, powerful novel that perfectly recounts our time and the darkest abysses of the human soul. A book you won’t be able to put down until the very last page. A book that’s hard to forget. Keep reading…









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