Elena Stancanelli
Venne alla spiaggia un assassino (Bodies)
La nave di Teseo, May 2019, 208 pages

“A surprising, unpredictable book.” Il Foglio

“The autopsy of a country expressed through the display – rather than the testimony – of a writer able to narrate the boundaries while crossing them, both those of the sea and her own”. Nadia Terranova, Il Foglio

“The Mediterranean sea is filling up with dead bodies. Boats that are inadequate and crammed to capacity are sailing in sight, trying to reach Italian shores. Some succeed, others are sent back to Libya and many sink. I decided to go and see. Distressed by the irrationality and the ferocity that drive Italian ministers of the present government and politicians to consider the dead a good example, a deterrent for other immigrants ready to leave, I embarked with those who want to save them. This book is about the time I spent on the boats of some notorious NGOs (non-governmental organizations), that in a few months were no longer considered allies of the Italian coastguard but became responsible of every heinousness. Women and men who dedicate their lives to sea rescue and would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Sometimes it is difficult to understand where to stand, sometimes it’s very easy.” Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli - © Chiara Pasqualini

Elena Stancanelli was born in Florence and lives in Rome. She is the author of  Benzina (1998), which became a film directed by Monica Stambrini in 2001, Le attrici (2001), Un uomo giusto (2011), La femmina nuda (2016, finalist for Premio Strega, Premio Ninfa Galatea, Premio Caccuri) and Venne alla spiaggia un assassino (2019). Among the other works, the short stories Il giorno del mio compleanno, included in the anthology Ragazze che dovresti conoscere (2004), Cappelli, included in the anthology Figuracce (2014), and 6-0 6-0, included in Smash (2016).




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