Marco Polillo
Chi vuole uccidere Fred il tacchino? (Who Wants to Kill Fred the Turkey?)
Rizzoli, October 2017, 112 pages

Illustrations by Alessandro Sanna

A tender and funny Christmas story that will conquer the heart of readers with the irresistible congeniality of his protagonists.

Certain days start off so badly that only a miracle could make them right. Even though it’s Christmas Day, and at Giulia’s villa on Lake Orta everybody is getting ready to open the gifts and have a big dinner, Cat, the faithful friend of the deputy commissar Aeneas Zottia, is nervous: what are those colored balls doing there, hanging off that strange tree next to his kennel? And what a spiteful thing, forbidding him to play with them… And who hid the bowl where he usually eats breakfast? A nuisance after the other for Cat, even though, he must admit it, the villa is really lovely and the company is not that bad: Giampaolo, the mud-colored dog ​​who is always busy rolling around in the puddles, Sappo, the wisest feline in the neighborhood, with a thousand scars and adventures to tell, and then Fred, the legendary turkey that because of his beauty has become a pet and who should attend the party that night. But somebody wants to hurt him, and it may be just whoever made Cat’s bowl disappear. These are mysteries that only those who have nine lives and a courage far beyond their own size can solve…


Marco Polillo

Marco Polillo

Marco Polillo (Milan 1949-2019), after a career in publishing, created his own publishing house, Polillo Editore, specialized in crime literature. He is the author of the series featuring the character of inspector Enea Zottìa: Testimone invisibile (1997), Corpo morto (2009), Il pontile sul lago (2011), Villa Tre Pini (2012), Il convento sull’isola (2014) and Acque amare (2016). His most recent novel is Chi vuole uccidere Fred il tacchino? (2017).




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