Sebastiano Mauri
Il giorno più felice della mia vita (The Happiest Day of My Life)
A pamphlet, Rizzoli 2015, 192 pages

Winner of Premio Il mio libro 2015

Everyone can marry the person they love.

A sharp and optimistic pamphlet about a simple issue: a spouse’s gender should not be a reason for debate. Weather the fight over marriage equality has already been won, it’s in course, or it’s still a mirage, the goal, throughout Europe, is one and the same, to reach brotherhood between citizens in everyday life.  Sebastiano Mauri explains how in countries where egalitarian marriage has been introduced, the traditional  family has not been questioned.  Bible quotations at hand, he challenges the claim that egalitarian marriage is against the will of God (or against nature, for that matter) and describes societies and periods where same sex unions were legal.

Exposing the homophobic attitudes which he himself, and too many Europeans with him, have to face, he hopes for a change that, to be fully effective, must be cultural. One thing is certain: it’s only a question of time. Soon, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors and colleagues of all sexual orientations will be marching in the streets with a common goal: that everyone can marry the person they love.

Sebastiano Mauri

Sebastiano Mauri was born in Milan and has Italian and Argentinian origin. He has lived and worked between Milan, New York and Buenos Aires. Artist, writer and film director, in 2012 he published his first novel Goditi il ​​problema and in 2015 the essay Il giorno più felice della mia vita. In 2017 he has won the Premio Flaiano Opera Prima for Favola, his first feature film. His most recent book is La nuova terra (2021).



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