Matteo Nucci
L’abisso di Eros - Seduzione (Eros's Abyss – Seduction)
Ponte alle Grazie, October 2018, 256 pages

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Eros’s Abyss is a journey, a study that investigates the fertile possibilities that the winged Greek god opens to those who are his prey, both as individuals and as members of a community made up of connections and relationships.

After all, Homer, Hesiod, the lyric poets, the tragedians and Plato were clear about this: Eros is a very powerful god, one of the divinities with whom everything began; nothing changes as dramatically as when he pierces and penetrates our chest, making our knees tremble and preparing us for a new life. Because when we are seduced, everything we’re accustomed to collapses like a paper castle and we feel our old lives die as a future unfolds before us which we see with new eyes, new energy and that sweet yet tormenting vitality that’s the blindingly adamantine sign of falling in love. The power and beauty of this god does not, however, stop when we fall in love.

Once it has penetrated our soul, erotic tension, when channeled correctly, prompts us to constantly try and build new forms of relationship, new passions, and pursue new goals. So much so that we discover how the infinite abyss of our soul can incite us to achieve unthinkable goals and even the greatest prize granted by love: the fulfilment of our individuality.

Matteo Nucci

Matteo Nucci

Matteo Nucci was born in Rome. He studied ancient philosophy, published essays on Empedocles, Socrates and Plato, and a new edition of Plato’s Symposium. He wrote Sono comuni le cose degli amici (2009), which was shortlisted for Premio Strega, Il toro non sbaglia mai (2011), Le lacrime degli eroi (2013), È giusto obbedire alla notte (2017), selected for the Premio Strega 2017, and L’abisso di Eros – Seduzione (2018). His short stories appeared in anthologies and magazines (such as Il Caffè Illustrato and Nuovi Argomenti) and he is a contributor to Il Venerdì di Repubblica and Il Messaggero. He’s one of the authors of the anthologies The Passenger – Grecia (2019), La caduta dei campioni (2020) and The Passenger – Roma (2021). His most recent books are Achille e Odisseo. La ferocia e l’inganno (2020) and Viaggio nella Grecia d’Italia (2020).



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