Gianrico Carofiglio
Rancore (Resentment)
A novel, Einaudi Stile Libero, March 2022, 258 pages

N°1 bestseller

How did Vittorio Leonardi really die? Why did Penelope Spada have to leave the judiciary? An investigation into a crime and the labyrinth of conscience. A dazzling novel about guilt and redemption.

A rich and powerful university professor dies suddenly: natural causes, the doctor certifies. The daughter, however, does not believe it and she turns to Penelope Spada, a former prosecutor with a mystery behind her and a present of quiet desperation. The investigation, which at first appears without prospects, becomes a dramatic showdown with the past, an appointment with destiny and with the unexpected possibility of changing it. In the folds of a narrative that rivets the reader up until the very last page, Gianrico Carofiglio gives us a human adventure that goes far beyond the stylistic features of the genre, as well as a magnificent, audacious character.

“What do crime victims want? Those abused, who have lost loved ones or their dignity? The punishment of the guilty? Of course, this too. But punishment – revenge more or less regulated by the laws – is largely an optical illusion. What the victims really want is the truth. The only thing that in the long run is able to heal wounds, to allay the pain.”

After the huge success of his previous bestselling novel, Gianrico Carofiglio’s first female protagonist and beloved character Penelope Spada is back and here to stay.

Simultaneously with the release of Rancore, La disciplina di Penelope will be the first podcast series available on RaiPlaySound, produced by Chora Media.

Gianrico Carofiglio

Gianrico Carofiglio was born in Bari and has worked for many years as a prosecutor specializing in organized crime. He was appointed advisor of the anti-Mafia committee in the Italian Parliament in 2007 and served as a senator from 2008 to 2013. He is the author of the novels featuring the character of the defense lawyer Guido Guerrieri: Testimone inconsapevole (Involuntary Witness, 2002), Ad occhi chiusi (A Walk in the Dark, 2003, Best International Noir of the year 2007 in Germany), Ragionevoli dubbi (Reasonable Doubts, 2006), Le perfezioni provvisorie (Temporary Perfections, 2010, Premio Selezione Campiello), La regola dell’equilibrio (A Fine Line, 2014), La misura del tempo (The Measure of Time, 2019, Premio Strega 2020 finalist). Officer of the Carabinieri Pietro Fenoglio is the protagonist of another series of novels: Una mutevole verità (A Shifting Truth, 2014, Premio Scerbanenco), L’estate fredda (The Cold Summer, 2016), La versione di Fenoglio (Fenoglio’s Version, 2019).
Among his fiction works: Il passato è una terra straniera (The Past is a Foreign Land, 2004, Premio Bancarella 2005), adapted into an internationally awarded film, Né qui né altrove (Neither Here Nor Elsewhere. A Night in Bari, 2009), Non esiste saggezza (There is No Wisdom, 2010, 2020), Il silenzio dell’onda (The Silence of the Wave, 2011, finalist for Premio Strega 2012), Il bordo vertiginoso delle cose (The Vertiginous Edge of Things, 2013), La casa nel bosco (The House in the Woods, 2014), written with his brother Francesco, Passeggeri notturni (Night Passengers, 2016), Le tre del mattino (Three O’Clock in the Morning, 2017), La disciplina di Penelope (Penelope’s Discipline, 2021) and Rancore (Resentment, 2022). Among his non-fiction books: La manomissione delle parole (Manumitting Words, 2010), Con parole precise (With exact words, 2015), Con i piedi nel fango (Feet in the Mud, 2018), Della gentilezza e del coraggio (On Kindness and Courage, 2020), La nuova manomissione delle parole (2021) and L’ora del caffè (Coffe Time, 2022). Many titles are also audiobooks, read by the author. In 2020 was released L’avvocato Guerrieri, Gianrico Carofiglio’s first audio-series. He has a podcast with his daughter Giorgia, called Coffee for Two. Gianrico Carofiglio’s multi-award winner and best selling books are translated into 27 languages worldwide.

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