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Gianrico Carofiglio
Rancore (Resentment)  

After the huge success of his previous bestselling novel, Gianrico Carofiglio’s first female protagonist and beloved character Penelope Spada is back and here to stay.

How did Vittorio Leonardi really die? Why did Penelope Spada have to leave the judiciary? An investigation into a crime and the labyrinth of conscience. A dazzling novel about guilt and redemption. Keep reading…




Gianrico Carofiglio
La disciplina di Penelope (Penelope’s Discipline)

An unsolved murder and a man in search of the truth. A tough and fragile woman. The chance to get back into the game.

Gianrico Carofiglio creates a female figure with epic traits. A woman full of anger and painful humanity. A character who remains in our hearts, well beyond the last page and the unexpected ending. Keep reading…




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Elena Stancanelli
Il tuffatore (The Diver)

All around there are the dreams of glory of a country that looks to the man of providence at first with hope, and then with suspicion. Until everything collapses. 

Elegance and passion for risk coexist in Il tuffatore. As a young boy, Raul Gardini had learned how to dive from the Ravenna pier. Handsome, seductive, always tanned, scion of one of the most powerful Italian industrial families, he had both the ambition and unscrupulousness needed to change the rules of the game. He was driven by desire, by an obsession to go straighter and faster towards solving any problem. At any cost. Keep reading…




* * *

Luigi Guarnieri
Il segreto di Lucia Joyce (Lucia Joyce’s Secret)

Now that Lucia Joyce’s ghost has vanished into thin air, she carries with her a secret that until today no one has really been able to reveal.

Luigi Guarnieri reconstructs and recounts the unique relationship between the eccentric James Joyce and his beloved daughter with moving and engaging participation, offering a fascinating literary investigation of art, feelings and the vicissitudes of the great writer and his family. Keep reading…




* * *


Melania G. Mazzucco

The first female architect of modern history.

In May 1624 a father accompanies his eight-year-old daughter to Santa Severa beach, north of Rome. There, a few months earlier, a chimerical creature ran aground. A whale. Until the day of that discovery, no whales had ever appeared on the coasts of Italy. That’s why the man is there. He wants his daughter to understand that even what is beyond our horizon exists. Keep reading…





* * *

Melania G. Mazzucco
Il bacio della medusa (Medusa’s Kiss)

The extraordinary debut of Melania Mazzucco, a novel about desire and love that enchants and moves.

1905. On the day of her wedding to Count Felice Argentero, the young Norma Boncompagni, daughter of a Florentine university professor, meets for the first time the distant gaze of Medusa, a wild and surly child. They are different in education, social environment, experiences. Yet they are destined to meet again. Keep reading…





* * *

Andrea Canobbio 
La traversata notturna (The Night Crossing)

My father’s fall and my mother’s reaction are at the origin of my writing.

La traversata notturna is a journey, or rather the story composed of 81 short “on-site inspections” that I have carried out in my city over the last ten years. Keep reading…





* * *


Emanuele Coccia
Filosofia della casa (Philosophy of the Home)

Philosophical modernity has focused everything on the city, but the future of the world can only be domestic.

One of the most eclectic and esteemed European intellectuals of his generation tackles, with the tools of philosophy and his trademark originality, the theme of the home, the threshold between us and the rest of reality, the inexhaustible attempt to overlap our happiness with the world. Keep reading…





* * *

Vincenzo Trione
Artivismo (Artivism)

In the non-homogeneous scenarios of the art of our time, Vincenzo Trione identifies the emergence of a trend: political art, summed up by the expression “artivism”. 

 The protagonists are artist-intellectuals who follow different paths. Some of them create works aimed at bearing witness to the urgency of the news and the drama of migrants. Others build installations that pay attention to environmental and ecological issues. Keep reading…





* * *

Roberto Burioni
La formidabile impresa (The Formidable Endeavour)

For decades, mRNA research has seemed like a waste of time and resources. Today, that useless science has propelled us into a future of therapies that we thought were science fiction, which instead are within reach.

The mRNA revolution is yet another demonstration of the importance for human progress of “useless science”, pure research driven only by curiosity and thirst for knowledge. So this book becomes a passionate hymn to the science that saves (and fills) our lives – with a gallery of out-of-the-ordinary characters, compelling stories, brilliant ideas, noble intentions and human baseness. Keep reading…




* * *

Paola Mastrocola and Luca Ricolfi
Manifesto del libero pensiero ( The Freedom of Thought Manifesto)

Who is afraid of freedom of expression?

Paola Mastrocola and Luca Ricolfi seek the answer to a question that has insinuated itself into our lives in a dangerous way. Authoritarian censorship of the past has turned into the wildly correct, which bends the language to current trends (from innocent words being put on trial, to surreal “inclusive” neologisms), and into a cancel culture that reinterprets the past with the eyes of today. Keep reading…




* * *

Emanuele Coccia and Alessandro Michele
Untitled “Philosophy of Fashion” Project

Forthcoming in 2023

HarperCollins Italia will be publishing the book by philosopher Emanuele Coccia and Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. It will also be published by Day Street in the US, by 4th Estate in UK and by Hanser in Germany. Keep reading…





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