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Niccolò Ammaniti
La vita intima (The Intimate Life)

After 7 years, the new awaited novel by Niccolò Ammaniti.

The Intimate Life is a powerful novel, which brings Niccolò Ammaniti back to his origins, to his most successful books, but with something more, something new. In the ironic and often grotesque hues that make his writing unmistakable, he gives us a modern Portrait of a Lady, as painful as Henry James’s masterpiece and capable of making us laugh to the point of tears. Keep reading…





* * *

Annalena Benini

Two women with the same name, two very distant lives.

A very personal and deep journey inside the heart of feminine strength, between dedication and power, greatness and sense of limit, talent and vocation. Keep reading…






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Andrea Canobbio 
La traversata notturna (The Night Crossing)

My father’s fall and my mother’s reaction are at the origin of my writing.

La traversata notturna is a journey, or rather the story composed of 81 short “on-site inspections” that I have carried out in my city over the last ten years. Keep reading…





* * *

Gianrico e Giorgia Carofiglio
L’ora del caffè (Coffee Time)  

It’s time to suspend our certainties, and start a journey into the extravagant universes of others.

Tired of having “empty conversations,” Giorgia and Gianrico Carofiglio sat down at a table and faced with fresh eyes some of the topics that most divided them. Keep reading…






* * *

Maria Castellitto
menodramma (menodrama)

Anyone who has never had a secret is unprepared to face the future.

Maria Castellitto’s precise and melancholy writing, with its nihilistic and comic tones, reveals a young debut talent among Italian fiction. Keep reading…





* * *


Melania G. Mazzucco

The museum of the world of women.

Mazzucco returns today with a new Museum, dealing with works in which the woman is “twice the subject”: a woman conceives and creates the painting, and a woman is also the subject of the painting. An all-female path, where women “claim the right to turn their backs on housework,” to fulfill themselves through art, beyond the roles that society and the culture of the time assign to them. Keep reading…



* * *

Walter Veltroni
Buonvino tra amore e morte (Buonvino between Love and Death)

The fourth installment in the successful series of Commissioner Buonvino.

After the attempt on his wife’s life on the very day of her wedding, commissioner Buonvino, torn by grief, investigates together with his men to find out whether, by striking Veronica, the unknown criminals wanted to send a signal to him or whether, instead, there is something hidden in his wife’s life. Keep reading…



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