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Roberto Burioni
Balle mortali (Deadly Lies)

“In a world overflowing with dangerous lies it is important to know the truth in order to combat obscurantism.”

Roberto Burioni returns to the bookstores to defend science, experimental tests, and precise data by closely examining ten dangerous lies that jeopardize our health, that of our children, and the whole community – because in the medical field, fake news can kill, and it is a civic duty to unmask such false information. Keep reading…




* * *

Gianrico Carofiglio
La versione di Fenoglio (Fenoglio’s Version)

The real world has little to do with the plots of detective novels or TV series. It really exists, and it’s a dangerous place.

La versione di Fenoglio is a short, surprising essay on the art of investigation hidden in an engaging novel, populated by characters of extraordinary authenticity: voices from a subtle darkness in which good and bad, miserable and just blend together. Keep reading…




* * *

Patrizia Cavalli
Con Passi Giapponesi (Japanese Steps)

If poetry, as someone has said, is the only possible science, this poet’s prose reveals figurative, speculative and satirical abilities.

“From the first text that gives the volume its title, the reader finds himself contemplating a comic-tragic world, labyrinthine to the point of dizziness, in which passions without success and desperate, forced social mannerisms come on stage, while life bleeds out, faking it.” Alfonso Berardinelli. Keep reading…






* * *

Teresa Ciabatti
Matrigna (A Flawed Mother)

“Who does mommy love more? the strangers asked in the police station the day my brother disappeared.

With her uncomfortable and irresistible voice, Teresa Ciabatti immerses us in the story of a mystery, with a novel about the roles that we never cease assigning to ourselves: father, mother, brother, sister. Where the family unwraps all its obsessions, manifesting itself first as a refuge, then as a condemnation. Keep reading…




* * *

cover rumore del mondo cibrarioBenedetta Cibrario
Il rumore del mondo (The Sound of the World)

A magnificent novel, a precious tapestry, an exquisite literary voice, a towering achievement.

The Sound of the World is a powerful novel, a finely documented account of the pivotal and tumultuous period of Italian Risorgimento – in its rebirth of art, history and culture as well as politics – like Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, but from a different viewpoint: here the story is told through the eyes and expectations of three Englishwomen, travelling to Italy, in the twofold sense of a geographical destination and a historical reality. Keep reading…



* * *

Massimo Coppola
Un piccolo buio (A Little Darkness)

There’s a little darkness hidden in everyone’s heart, and it’s always about to expand and swallow everything, like a screen going black.

This novel is about a key place of modern life, the apartment building, which becomes the theater of a possible nékyia, the ancient rite meant to bring back to earth the ghosts of the dead: each of them gives us his fragment of public life and of private destiny, they force us to come to terms with the century we come from, and then they leave room for a future where it might still be possible to build something new. Keep reading…



* * *

Giancarlo De Cataldo
Alba nera (Black Dawn)

When hatred becomes the best business, only the first ray of a ruthless dawn can illuminate the darkness that surrounds us.

They say times have changed. But Italy always stays the same, showing off its ferocious grin. Commissioner Alba Doria knows it well. Suspended between light and darkness, Alba suffers from a deadly personality disorder. They call it the Dark Triad, a mixture of narcissism, sociopathy and manipulative ability, capable of inspiring the worst criminals or supporting those who fight them. So when the ghost of a murderer, who everyone believed dead, returns to strike, Doria will have to deal with secrets from the past. Keep reading…



* * *

Helena Janeczek
Cibo (Food)

Food is memory, it is sickness, it is nostalgia, it is identity, it is refuge, it is self-love and self-harm.

An intense novel that intertwines narration and reflections, to recount restless men, common and complex women, exiles or nomads, a whole humanity for which to eat is to love and to suffer, it’s sweetness and bitterness, memory and oblivion. Keep reading…




* * *

Sergio Luzzatto
Max Fox o le relazioni pericolose (Max Fox or Dangerous Liaisons)

Combining the analytical gaze of the historian with the passion of the narrator, Luzzatto transforms the story of a man into the novel of an era.

An engaging Italian criminal case that became an international scandal, revealing the flaws of a subtly corrupted system. A story so incredible – with a protagonist so extreme – that it deserved to be told from start to finish. After Nicholas Schmidle’s 2013 reportage on the New Yorker, historian Sergio Luzzatto dives deeper into the De Caro affair, that is not history yet, but will definitely make it. Keep reading…



* * *

Valerio Magrelli
La vicevita (The Vice-Life)

A small encyclopedia of the journey, capable of revealing the tragicomic aspects of human existence and civil coexistence.

Encounters with commuters at dawn, berthmates, card players, acquaintances, strangers, controllers or squatters without a ticket, regional trains rattling across the Ciociaria or very fast Japanese convoys: these micro-stories invite us to meditate on destination errors, delays or on those moments of emptiness that open up during certain mysterious stops in the countryside. Valerio Magrelli reconstructs a ramified series of adventures, without forgetting the memories of the toy trains, or the most tragic implications of the railway world like the Bologna massacre in 1980. Keep reading…



* * *

Beatrice Masini
Più grande la paura (Greater the Fear)

Greater the love, greater the fear.

In the great tradition of short stories by contemporary women writers, a new collection devoted to childhood from the wonderful and exquisite voice of Beatrice Masini, novelist, translator, beloved author of children’s books widely translated. Keep reading…




* * *

Paola Mastrocola

The spectacle of the world in the hands of a child.

Leone is six years old and every now and then, for no a reason, he begins to pray in the most unexpected places. Does he do this because he is afraid, because he desires, because he feels alone? These are the questions his mother, who is not a believer, asks herself as she lives her frantic life as a separated woman whose life is consumed by work and daily toil. Leo continues to pray, and the things he asks for come true to some extent. Would they have come true anyway? And how important is the secret thread that binds a grandmother and a grandchild? The only certainty is that the world around them is changing, and no one will be as they were. Keep reading…



* * *

Melania G. Mazzucco
La lunga attesa dell’angelo (The Long Wait for the Angel)

To celebrate Tintoretto’s 500 years since his birth, a gigantic exhibition has opened in Venice (Palazzo Ducale and Accademia) in Fall 2018 and it will now travel to the National Gallery in Washington. Melania G. Mazzucco has also created and written the docu-film Tintoretto. A Rebel in Venice, that will soon come to cinemas in over 60 countries. Watch the first trailer here. Keep reading…




* * *

Roberto Perrone
L’ultima volontà (The Last Will)

A seventy year long blood trail, studded with victims and secrets. Everyone could be guilty, no exceptions made.

A former Italian terrorist once belonging to Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades) admits on his death bed that he did not perpetrate the massacre for which he served decades in prison. He was not the one who brutally killed three carabinieri in the Emilian countryside back in 1986. And his backwards confession means just one thing: the real killers are still at large. And they are powerful. They have misled the investigation, soiled the waters, created a labyrinth of mirrors where the truth seems unattainable. A new case for Annibale “Tank” Canessa, former Colonel of the Carabinieri Army. Keep reading…



* * *

Francesco Piccolo
L’animale che mi porto dentro (The Animal I Carry Within Me)

In a world that has always been governed by men, understanding males is the only key to looking ahead.

How many things is a man made of? Sensitivity, ferocity, eroticism and romanticism, weakness, power. It is not the old game of opposites, but the deep root of one of the cornerstones of our society. Francesco Piccolo recounts, as only he can, the life of many through one. The pains of love, even the most devastating pain, sometimes end when it’s lunch time: “I have said to myself, and to humanity, with a single unconscious gesture, hence instinctive, hence absolute: I am hungry. And somehow, I also told myself something that would stay with me for the rest of my life: I can do it.” Keep reading…



* * *

Gabriele Romagnoli
Senza fine (Endless)

“Life is boring, but destiny is unpredictable. One writes rules, the other notes exceptions.”

The first love is a myth, the last love a chance for salvation. It rekindles joy, redeems suffering, gives meaning to life. To be able to live it requires more than learning how to choose the other, you need to learn how to give the best of yourself. This book describes unavoidable paths and necessary choices. These are embodied by three main characters: a man losing his sight, who returns to the light of the beginning; the author’s father, who discovers the art of marriage just before it’s too late; and a man nearly 100 years old who remarries and returns to being “deliriously happy,” as we are all entitled to be. Keep reading…



* * *

Elena Stancanelli
Venne alla spiaggia un assassino (Bodies)

Sometimes it is difficult to understand where to stand, sometimes it’s very easy.

“The Mediterranean sea is filling up with dead bodies. Boats that are inadequate and crammed to capacity are sailing in sight, trying to reach Italian shores. Some succeed, others are sent back to Libya and many sink. I decided to go and see.” Elena Stancanelli Keep reading…



* * *

Gino Vignali
Ci vuole orecchio (A very Good Ear)

Two whole new cases for commissioner Costanza Confalonieri Bonnet and her team. 

It all begins with a suitcase. Captain Valentino Costanza’s fishing boat pulls it out the sea off the coast of Rimini, on a fine May day. The suitcase contains a small heap of bones, that look like those of a child. There’s only one thing to do: call the homicide squad, led by the irresistible deputy commissioner Costanza Confalonieri Bonnet. Keep reading…


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