Myriam Sabolla

Genoese by birth and Milanese by adoption, she has been involved in food for more than 10 years: first as a digital strategist, then as a food writer, cook and natural cooking expert.
After graduating from Joia Academy - the most important vegetarian cooking school in Italy, she started The Food Sister: a tailor-made consulting service for those who want to cook and eat better every day, but without going crazy at the stove and in times compatible with our hectic lives. Since 2019, she is also a Professional Organizer registered with APOI (Professional Organizers Association Italy).
She has published The Vegetable Season (Slow Food, 2022); Eat Well, Work Better (Cairo, 2021); Genoa with Gusto (Travel with Gusto, 2019); and The Bagel Company (Guido Tommasi, 2016).

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La stagione vegetale 12 October 2022
Mangia bene, lavora meglio 22 April 2021

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