Matteo Nucci

Matteo Nucci was born in Rome. He studied ancient philosophy, published essays on Empedocles, Socrates and Plato, and a new edition of Plato’s Symposium.

He wrote Sono comuni le cose degli amici (2009, shortlisted for Premio Strega), Il toro non sbaglia mai (2011), Le lacrime degli eroi (2013), È giusto obbedire alla notte (2017, shortlisted for Premio Strega), L'abisso di Eros (2018). His most recent books are Achile e Odisseo (2020), Viaggio nella Grecia d'Italia (2020), Sono difficili le cose belle (2022) and Il grido di Pan (2023).

His short stories appeared in anthologies and magazines (such as Il Caffè Illustrato and Nuovi Argomenti) and he is a contributor to Il Venerdì di Repubblica and Il Messaggero. He's one of the authors of the anthologies The Passenger – Grecia (2019), La caduta dei campioni (2020) and The Passenger - Roma (2021).

Titles +
He dreamt about lions 3 April 2024
The cry of Pan 29 August 2023
Roads to Santiago - Afterword 7 June 2023
Passenger Mediterranean - Contribution 7 June 2023
Un giorno di fuoco - Introduction 28 February 2023
Good things are difficult 30 August 2022
Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell - Introduction 28 September 2021
The bull is never wrong 3 June 2021
The fall of the champions 25 August 2020
Journey to the Greece in Italy - Ebook 19 July 2020
Achilles and Odysseus 19 May 2020
The Passenger - Greece 29 May 2019
Mountolive - Foreword 29 January 2019
Eros’s Abyss. Seduction 25 October 2018
It is right to obey the night 2 March 2017

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