Matteo Nucci

Matteo Nucci was born in Rome. He studied ancient philosophy, published essays on Empedocles, Socrates and Plato, and a new edition of Plato’s Symposium.

He wrote Sono comuni le cose degli amici (2009, shortlisted for Premio Strega), Il toro non sbaglia mai (2011), Le lacrime degli eroi (2013), È giusto obbedire alla notte (2017, shortlisted for Premio Strega), L'abisso di Eros (2018). His most recent books are Achile e Odisseo (2020), Viaggio nella Grecia d'Italia (2020), Sono difficili le cose belle (2022), Il grido di Pan (2023) e Sognava i leoni (2024).

His short stories appeared in anthologies and magazines (such as Il Caffè Illustrato and Nuovi Argomenti) and he is a contributor to Il Venerdì di Repubblica and Il Messaggero. He's one of the authors of the anthologies The Passenger – Grecia (2019), La caduta dei campioni (2020) and The Passenger - Roma (2021).

Titles +
He dreamt about lions 3 April 2024
The cry of Pan 29 August 2023
Roads to Santiago - Afterword 7 June 2023
Passenger Mediterranean - Contribution 7 June 2023
Un giorno di fuoco - Introduction 28 February 2023
Good things are difficult 30 August 2022
Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell - Introduction 28 September 2021
The bull is never wrong 3 June 2021
The fall of the champions 25 August 2020
Journey to the Greece in Italy - Ebook 19 July 2020
Achilles and Odysseus 19 May 2020
The Passenger - Greece 29 May 2019
Mountolive - Foreword 29 January 2019
Eros’s Abyss. Seduction 25 October 2018
It is right to obey the night 2 March 2017

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