Enrico Rotelli

Enrico Rotelli, biographer and journalist, is a contributor to Corriere della Sera with interviews and articles concerning U.S. literature for which he received the Premio Amerigo Periodici 2020. He has been assistant to Fernanda Pivano and edited her books Diari (2008, 2010), Medaglioni (2014) and Viaggi ad alta voce (2017), and for years he has curated editorial projects for Fondazione Fabrizio De André. He is co-author of the autobiographies of Valentina Cortese Quanti sono i domani passati (2012, on which was based the award winning movie Diva!); Carla Fracci Passo dopo passo (2013; 2020); Paola Turci Mi amerò lo stesso (2014) and Gillo Dorfles Paesaggi e personaggi (2017). He also translated The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald (2019). He wrote L'America è un esperimento (2021) e Nanda e io (2023).

Titles +
Nanda and me 19 May 2023
America is an Experiment. Writers and Stories of the United States 18 November 2021
Step by step 23 June 2020
The Great Gatsby 8 October 2019

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