Gino Vignali

Gino Vignali was born in Milan. His name has been linked to that of Michele Mozzati for a long time, a partnership that was born during the university years and that made them famous as Gino & Michele. Enthusiasts of the comic genre and sophisticated satirical authors, together they have achieved great success in different fields: publishing, journalism, and entertainment (theater, cinema and television). Among the many activities, they participated in the creation of the Zelig cabaret show and are the publishers of Smemoranda, which in the last forty years has become the most popular school diary in Italy. Together they have published many books of fiction and non-fiction, including Anche le formiche nel loro piccolo s’incazzano (1991), Neppure un rigo di cronaca (2000) e Le cicale (2004-2010). They are curators of the Enciclopedia universale della battuta (2009). He is the author of La chiave di tutto (2018), Ci vuole orecchio (2019), La notte rosa (2019), Come la grandine (2020) and I milanesi si innamorano il sabato (2022). One of his short stories is featured in the collection Giallo al cabaret (2019).   

Titles +
I milanesi si innamorano il sabato 7 June 2022
Like a Hailstorm 5 November 2020
Giallo al cabaret 14 November 2019
Pink Night 7 November 2019
A Very Good Ear 21 March 2019
The Key to Everything 3 May 2018

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