Massimo Coppola

Massimo Coppola is an author, film and documentary writer and director, editorial strategist and creator. As scriptwriter and director, he produced several award-winning documentaries and feature films, including Bianciardi (2007), produced by the Oscar Winning company Indigo Film, and selected for the Venice film Festival in 2007, Hai paura del buio (2010, Indigo Film, Venice Film Festival), Parafernalia (2008, Locarno Film Festival), Politica zero (Turin Film festival), and Romeo e Giulietta, opening event at Locarno Film Festival 2015. He has been a host, a writer and a director on several MTV programs and in 2004 he co-founded publishing house Isbn Edizioni, where he has been editorial director for ten years. He’s a contributor to many newspapers and magazines and he’s been editor-in-chief at Rolling Stone Italia. He has been editorial, creative and strategic advisor to CEO at Rai (National Public Broadcasting). In 2021 he curated Max Pezzali's book, Max90.

Un piccolo buio (2019) is his first novel. He has a son and lives in Milan.

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Max90 30 March 2021
Un piccolo buio 16 October 2019
A Little Darkness 6 March 2019

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