Roberto Perrone

Roberto Perrone (1957 - 2023) was born in Rapallo and has lived in Milan for many years. He wrote about sports, food and travel for Corriere della Sera.

He wrote the following novels: Zamora (2003), La lunga (2007), Averti trovato ora (2008), La ballata dell’amore salato (2009), Occhi negli occhi (2011), La cucina degli amori impossibili (2013), Manuale del viaggiatore goloso (2015), La seconda vita di Annibale Canessa (2017), L'estate degli inganni (2018), L'ultima volontà (2019). He was also the author of Numero 1 (2008), the biography of Gigi Buffon, former goalkeeper and captain of the Italian national football team. In 2022 Un odore di Toscano was published (Premio Iolanda). His most recent novel is La vita che non voglio (2023). In 2024 his first novel, Zamora, has come out in a new edition by HarperCollins. The same Zamora has been turned into a movie directed by Neri Marcorè, that came out in 2024.

Titles +
Zamora 29 March 2024
The Life I Don't Want 16 June 2023
A Scent of Toscano 9 December 2022
A Scent of Toscano 5 May 2022
The Last Will 16 April 2019
Banana Football Club 1 February 2019
The Summer of Deceits 16 January 2018
The Second Life of Inspector Canessa 2 February 2017
Gourmet Traveler's Handbook 24 March 2015
The Kitchen of Impossible Loves 1 May 2013
Eyes in the Eyes 1 May 2011

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