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Elisabetta Flumeri and Gabriella Giacometti have been a proven creative couple for years. They began as authors of romance novels and then moved on to writing texts for radio and advertising, as well as creating subjects and scripts for TV series including Carabinieri, Orgoglio, Incantesimo, Cuore contro Cuore.
They have worked as editors and supervisors of TV dramas, taught creative writing courses and collaborated with magazines and periodicals. They have tried their hand at different genres, from comedy to sentimental, from legal to costume drama to thrillers and detective stories. 
They have published romantic comedies with Sperling & Kupfer (whose rights have been sold in the U.S., Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Israel) and Emma Books. 
With two other authors they came up with a mystery series titled "Emma & Kate," inaugurated by Amazon Publishing in 2019 and now in its ninth volume, titled Aisha deve morire, signed by Flumeri&Giacometti, winner of the Garfagnana in Giallo Barga Noir 2023 award in the Classics section.
In addition to the Emma & Kate series, they are the authors of Se la città dorme, the first volume of the indie FiatLux series set in their city, Rome. The novel won the Leopoldo di Lorena literary prize published books 2023, the Giallo Trasimeno Prize 2022, the Argentario Prize Gialli section 2022 and received a Pinketts special mention for best thriller plot at the Garfagnana in Giallo Barga Noir 2022 and a special merit mention at the Città di Grottammare literary contest. 
2023 saw the release of Pavilion 8. Interrupted Children, the second volume in the FiatLux series. Their most recent book is Nessun Perdono (2024), published by Guanda.

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