Non arrendiamoci - Con Matteo Zuppi

The president of the CEI and a lay observer in dialogue about the values of our time.

Should we resign ourselves to the tyranny of the ego, to a continuous celebration of selfishness and appearance that results in a sum of loneliness and the passive acceptance of things as they are? In an impassioned discussion led by Edoardo Camurri, Matteo Zuppi, president of the CEI and archbishop of Bologna, and Walter Veltroni, politician, writer and filmmaker, illustrate the many reasons for not surrendering to a world that appears increasingly inhuman to us, but which can still be redeemed by our conscious action. Let us not give in to fear, especially induced fears: instead, let us look real fears in the face, and devise strategies to rid ourselves of their causes. Let us not surrender to indifference and fatalism: let us look at the real progress made over a couple of generations and trust in the power of utopia, dreaming, and prophecy. Let us not surrender to the inevitability of war and borders: let us become artisans of peace and justice. We live in a crucial era, in which the world is on the brink of environmental, climate and nuclear catastrophe, and at the same time we have technological and scientific resources that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. We have a duty to strive to direct the future: toward the good of humanity.

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Publication date: 09.05.2023
Publisher: Rizzoli

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