No one better than Pm Manrico Spinori, a Capitoline aristocrat with a passion for opera, can solve the murder that is sowing panic in Rome that matters.

The murder of an embarrassing character sows panic in Rome that matters. The case must be solved without discounting but tactfully, to avoid instrumentalization. That old fox of a prosecutor has no doubts: no one better than Pm Manrico Spinori, a Capitoline aristocrat with a passion for opera, can succeed. Mago Narouz, born Capomagli Giuseppe, is found dead in his home in Trastevere. The man sold love potions, winning numbers and advice to a very select, loyal clientele of show business people and politicians. Tasked with the investigation, Manrico Spinori has the impression that he is running on empty, and sometimes even being manipulated. Then, just when the situation seems about to get out of hand, an unexpected suggestion allows him to pull the threads of the tangled skein. Remaining a tangle, on the other hand, are the private lives of Manrico and the members of his team, composed entirely of women. Especially that of Inspector Deborah Cianchetti, an element of bad character and yet most useful if more straightforward methods are needed instead of charm and savoir-faire.

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Publication date: 04.07.2023
Publisher: Einaudi Stile Libero
Number of Pages: 248
Country: Italy

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