Poems 1974-1992

This book brings together Patrizia Cavalli's two previous small volumes (Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo, 1974, and Il cielo, 1981) to which is added a new, larger collection entitled L'io singolare proprio mio. A commendably frugal author, Patrizia Cavalli, therefore, accounts for her poetry once per decade while avoiding the inflation of lyrical outburst. Although so spaced out in time, or perhaps because of it, these three syllogies testify to a wide-ranging poetic experience, marked by a strong thread of continuity and an unmistakable brand of style, made up of irony and musicality, but also of very rapid concentration of thought and epigrammatic wit.

Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo - Trailer 2023

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Publication date: 31.12.1992
Publisher: Einaudi
Number of Pages: 253
Country: Italy

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