The Brothers Who Wanted to Change the World

Two brothers united by the same political passion and drive for freedom.
The ambition to change America and the whole world.
The story of a dream that seems shattered, but is not.


It all begins with a mysterious key that Grandma Lina places in John's hands shortly before her death. Like a treasure hunt, the boy sets out on the trail of the precious gift that his grandmother has hidden for him among the memories of the family home.
The key leads him to the lock of an old diary written in minute handwriting. Flipping through those pages, John jumps back in time to 1960. He discovers a 20-year-old grandmother who emigrated to the United States, her passion for politics and a young Democratic senator running for president. He is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, or simply Jack, as many call him, and he has decided to change America.
Lina participates in his campaign, cheers his victory, and a few years later takes part in the battle for civil rights and against racial prejudice by John's younger brother, Robert Kennedy.
But a more just world, without inequality and discrimination, is perhaps an illusion in the America of the time, and the Kennedy brothers pay dearly for their dream: they will both be assassinated, the former on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, the latter on June 6, 1968 in Los Angeles.
Lina lives with them and with many young Americans hopes and disappointments of her time, but never resigning herself, following an ideal that will guide her whole life and that she will bequeath to her grandson John.

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Publication date: 31.10.2023
Publisher: Feltrinelli - Up
Number of Pages: 144
Country: Italy

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