Courage, passion, freedom

"Some may not understand why we persist in proposing three words: courage, passion, freedom. I simply believe they are strategic, indeed futuristic now more than ever in human history.

That is why I believe an edition that proposes an amalgamation of three of my books dedicated to these three words is timely. I believe that never more than now is it essential to think, to dig, not to absent ourselves from the meaning of what has constituted, certainly not only lexically, the backbone of our civilization.

Contained in this trilogy are a number of conversations with people known and unknown, appointments to learn, to listen to those who can offer a world from different, complementary points of view, but all outside a predictable chorus. Extraordinary architects, a cloistered nun, a great jazz musician, a lifer, an art historian, two very young migrants, a scientist, a prodigious stylist

A book, a patchwork, a kaleidoscope, a guide. Thoughts, considerations, provocations. Life lessons." Paolo Crepet

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Publication date: 20.11.2023
Publisher: Mondadori
Number of Pages: 552
Country: Italy

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