Visiting cemeteries, reading headstones, looking at photos of the dead are activities full of surprises and a way to learn about cultures and peoples. "In this book, a kind of cemetery atlas, I will take you with me around Italy to visit cemeteries and places related to death, and I will tell you their stories, mysteries, anecdotes and traditions. We will go in front of the graves of famous people, explore abandoned cemeteries about which strange legends circulate, retrace events in Italian history, investigate crimes that have remained without culprits, and recount almost forgotten events." If it is true, as some say, that cemeteries are places made by the living for the living and where the dead actually have little to do with them, it is also true that all stories, even the seemingly insignificant ones, deserve to be told. And the stories, in cemeteries, never end.

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Publication date: 24.10.2023
Publisher: Feltrinelli

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Rosaria Carpinelli
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