Bon Ton Pop al lavoro

80 etiquette business tips to improve your professional life.

How long do I need to reply to emails? Should I connect to my collaborators on social networks? Who pays the bill at a business lunch?  Our working life is full of dilemmas, big and small, many of which are not answered in the notions learned during the course of the studies or of one’s own training.  Even in business, to be successful you need a shared code of conduct, which becomes essential to bring out our professionalism. The business etiquette was born to teach you to move at ease in every situation, even in a multicultural reality, to do networking and to have an excellent standing, but also to cultivate specifically human qualities such as empathy, kindness, the ability to read context and create connections, increasingly relevant in the era of digital and artificial intelligence.

Elisa Motterle in this book outlines the guidelines of contemporary etiquette business. From how to present and communicate (also through the non-verbal language) to suggestions to better face a job interview, from professional dress code to the management of relationships with colleagues and customers to suggestions for business trips or lunches, through the prevailing videocalls, emails and voice messages: 80 valuable practical tips explained in a simple and comprehensive, to better manage every moment of your professional life.

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Publication date: 05.04.2024
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 192
Country: Italy

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