La vita delle forme

The forms of fashion are not only tools of knowledge of the world and of ourselves. They are also amulets with which we invent and experience new freedoms.

Fashion is a strange spell: every time we dress we transform any shape or any color of the world that surrounds us into our own skin. It is this strange magic that makes it together the most powerful and most metaphysical art. To talk about it it is therefore necessary to make creation and philosophy coincide.

This is what Alessandro Michele and Emanuele Coccia do in this unparalleled treatise on the alchemy of the forms of life of all of us. Retracing and commenting on the work of the first, adopting the posture and graphic form that was once reserved for sacred books, the book shows that fashion is the most powerful art because it is the only one capable of changing in a moment our life, our body, our face: if the other works of art presuppose a relationship of pure contemplation, each dress imposes a transformation of the self in order to become the object of our experience. And at the same time it is the most metaphysical art because it contradicts the cliché that describes the West as a culture that reduces all things to inanimate matter.

Fashion exists only because we recognize that things, fabrics, their shape, their colors, allow us to say "I", and give our personality that accent and posture that make it unmistakable. In short, fashion is the expression of a profane and daily form of animism: thanks to it we are transformed into sorcerer’s apprentices of a twin who takes our own appearance.

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Publication date: 07.05.2024
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages: 224
Country: Italy

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