The kiss of the hornet

A suspicious death casts a sinister shadow over a premiere at the Opera.

Giancarlo De Cataldo masterfully composes a fascinating plot, with a classic flavor and a tight rhythm. A mystery that leads Pm Manrico Spinori to know, very closely, the international high fashion environment.

Not everything is light, in the bright world of luxury. It is the first thing that Manrico Spinori realizes when he is called to investigate the sudden death of Tito Cannelli - owner of a prestigious maison - happened in a very suggestive setting: the costume workshop of the Teatro Costanzi in Rome. Manrico, a well-known melomaniac, happened to witness this. It is not clear to him from the beginning whether it was an accident, a fatal accident or an ingenious murder entrusted to an exotic «killer». On the other hand, it is immediately evident that, behind the glittering appearance of fashion shows, exclusive creations, very expensive unique pieces, there is a complex microcosm where exploitation, greed and corruption are not lacking. Guided by the hand of a seductive expert in the field, and backed by his unparalleled team - led by an increasingly determined and decisive inspector Deborah Cianchetti - the magistrate will finally discover the truth, exposing the ambiguous and cruel side of beauty.

«Manrico Spinori escapes existential bitterness and the weak poses of other literary detectives. He is an elegant, lucid and meek thinker».
Leonetta Bentivoglio, la Repubblica

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Publication date: 04.06.2024
Publisher: Einaudi Stile Libero
Country: Italy

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