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When, in July 2001, Concita De Gregorio sets foot in Genoa to tell the readers of her newspaper about the G8 summit, she does not know that, over the next three days, she will witness one of the saddest pages in the history of our country. In an armored city, oppressed by a cloak of tension, security forces and protesters will clash in bloody urban guerrilla warfare. And the death of Carlo Giuliani will turn the hands of history back a few decades. Fifteen years later, the author's chronicler's diary becomes a way to remember an event that marked a before and after in Genoa. To return the unfolding of those days, the mild beginning, the surprise, the fright and bewilderment. And, at the same time, an opportunity to trace the balance of an event that still burns in everyone's memory.

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Publication date: 31.05.2016
Publisher: Einaudi - Super ET

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Rosaria Carpinelli
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