La zecca e la rosa

An illustrated and elegant book that reminds us of our relationship with the things of nature, which know how to become, through Maurizio Maggiani's eye and poetry, things of life, things of the world. Cats, birds, fields and gardens, the tenderness of mornings and the violence of skies: Maggiani takes us inside the little things that make life better, more authentic. And he tells us himself: «I was born in a country town in the heart of the hardships of the 1950s, I was raised to have a relationship with every living thing, every thing that is good for life itself, those who raised me had more to tell plants and beasts than they had to tell other people, I was taught to observe and listen and smell and touch every creature and understand what was good and what was bad of what came of it, carefully avoiding disturbing the Creation and the Creator. Nothing was mine, but I was prince of the gardens and baron of the strawberry grapes, king of the ditches and grand duke of the little fish that swam in them. I have returned to live in the countryside, my neighbors are all peasants and still talk more willingly with creatures than with people. It's all pretty much the same except for the misery. And in the same way, I go out and go through ditches and gardens to touch, listen, observe and smell, to consider the infinite universe of every living thing, trying not to disturb them. Unless, say, I get the killer tick in my hair.» Illustrations are by Gianluca Folì.

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Publication date: 24.11.2016
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 159
Country: Italia

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