L'anno del ferro e del fuoco

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, Ezio Mauro returns to the sites of the popular uprising that reversed the direction of history. Of St. Petersburg he explores the princely palaces and the bleakest corners, in the footsteps of the facts, forbidden stories and arcana that marked the course of a grand and terrible year. And the discovery of the city gradually turns into the telling of the events of which it was the scene. In the palace of Tsarskoe Selo Rasputin, the black monk, bewitched Tsar Nikolai ii and his entire court. The aristocracy that for centuries ruled the endless territories of Great Mother Russia plunges toward its ruinous decline. The streets become restless and tumultuous. Lenin and Trotsky return from exile, the Bolsheviks organize. Before long, the train of history will sweep everyone away. Ezio Mauro traverses the anger, fear and tragedy of a population exhausted by war and famine. He reenacts the fury that gripped the soul of a city and the history of a country, changing their destiny forever. With the pen of the great correspondent, he creates a short-circuit between past and present that evokes in the places of the Revolution the same atmosphere of suffering, struggle and hope for change that inspired and ignited it, eventually resulting in the Terror. "Everything that happened afterwards begins here. Although it looked like a beginning, and it was the end of the world." Russia, 1917. No one can stop the blind rush of the century any longer. A great reportage through the streets, alleys and opulent palaces that witnessed the waning of the czars and the flaring of Lenin's revolution.

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Publication date: 19.10.2017
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 241
Country: Italia

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L'anno del ferro e del fuoco (Universale Economica) Feltrinelli (Universale Economica)
31 October 2018
L'anno del ferro e del fuoco GEDI - La Repubblica
1 November 2017
L'anno del ferro e del fuoco (audiolibro) Emons
19 October 2017
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