Broken Dream

June 6, 1968. Gunshots, in Los Angeles, broke a dream. As had happened in Dallas, five years earlier, Robert and John Kennedy are linked in collective memory by a fate reminiscent of that of Greek tragedies: the myth of intelligence, youth and democracy burned by an epilogue of violent death.
But the ink spilled on the saga of this American family has ended up erasing from view the political legacy of Kennedyism. For Walter Veltroni it is still of striking relevance. To demonstrate this, Veltroni has collected and organized Robert Kennedy's texts that testify to the ideas, struggles, and politics of the young candidate for president of the United States who was killed fifty years ago.
1968 was, and perhaps not coincidentally, the year that many feel is the numerical combination of broken dreams. Kennedy never made it to the White House and thus changed lives, all of us.
Of Bob, Veltroni reconstructed thoughts and ideals, battles and controversies. "The ideas of politics lie at the bottom of the sea," Veltroni writes. "It is the tides of history, with their flow, that decide their location. Sometimes the waves rise so violently that they shake all the depths. And so, from afar, even the ideas that have rested, for dozens of years, like dignified wrecks, on the muddy sand can return to the surface."

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Publication date: 04.06.2018
Publisher: Baldini+Castoldi

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Il sogno spezzato (audiobook) Audible
23 January 2024
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