What would you do

What would you do if, in the short time of a day or a moment, you had to choose between two alternatives, each critical, each capable of redefining your idea of yourself, of changing your and others' destinies?
An irresolvable yet necessary choice, like that of Laura and Raphael, a couple who wish to adopt a child and find themselves deciding in a few hours-a long, endless night-whether to take in a seriously ill child. Or like that of Adriano, who discovers from a cell phone video that his son, after borrowing his car, ran over a man without stopping to render aid. Adriano, who since losing his wife and job is incapable of deciding anything, leaves the house to search outside himself, one step at a time, for an answer: to denounce his son or to turn himself in his place to save him? While only a moment is given to John, the taxi driver Uranus 4, to make the most important resolution.
Following what reasoning or intuition, what conception of the world and of self, will these and the other characters, all subtly connected to each other, be able to make a choice within six days and turn themselves in together again, in the seventh, for the final judgment? In the gap between being authentic and being righteous they fear losing themselves, for there are in each person's existence "sudden detours, unexpected circumstances, unlikely choices" before which it is impossible as much as necessary to be prepared.
A tense, courageous novel in which Gabriele Romagnoli probes the consciousness of his characters and through their stories interrogates us, awakens questions that force us to face the darkness and chaos within us, urges the moral dilemmas that make us human. What would you do if, he asks at every crossroads.

They would hold different truths about that night's decision, none would seem innocent to them. None were.

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Publication date: 13.05.2021
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Country: Italy

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Cosa faresti se Feltrinelli - UE
12 May 2023
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