Il rogo della Repubblica

In 1480, in a small town in the Treviso area, a child disappears into thin air. Archisynagogue Servadio and two other Jews are accused of killing him in order to knead Passover scones with his blood. Tortured and sentenced to death for ritual infanticide, they appeal and the trial reopens before the Venetian Senate. Boris da Candia, a spy for the Republic of St. Mark, a man of "deceit and robbery," a Levantine and violent adventurer, but also a learned humanist, is invested with a secret mission. Venice has just emerged from a war against the Turks and the plague. Discontent is spreading. Franciscan Bernardino da Feltre, with his fiery sermons, foments hatred among the people against the Jews because his religious order wants to replace their pawnshops with those of the Monte di Pietà. Doge Giovanni Mocenigo, for reasons of economy and public order, issued a bull proclaiming tolerance and enforcing respect for the Jews, hard-working and law-abiding citizens, but this was not enough to moderate the plebeian animosity instigated by the fierce preacher. Boris da Candia, a witty and at times brutal Corto Maltese, who frequents palaces and brothels, in the course of his investigations crosses paths with a sorceress, a woman of mysterious graces, who reveals to him details unknown to all: "The detail is the crossroads where the visible and the invisible meet." John, a street urchin, helps him untangle himself. But it is the dialogue with Servadio that marks him more than any other, for the archisynagogue, wise and meek, reveals himself to be a man of such overwhelming spirituality that the unbelieving adventurer falters, and this generates in Boris an unexpected thirst for justice: "The peoples, not knowing how to make strong the just, call the strong just." But what place do the reasons of the spirit have in the blind inertia of History? Andrea Molesini's musical writing masterfully sculpts the bitter emotional intensity of the story. Boris is a character who discovers that he is, in spite of his own past, the door that connects two worlds, comedy and tragedy, which intertwine and merge in the everlasting spectacle of action, where from time immemorial public evil comes to everyone's home.

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Publication date: 27.05.2021
Publisher: Sellerio
Number of Pages: 344
Country: Italy

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