L'eterna gioventù

This is a legendary story, the myth of a dynasty of stubborn rebels who have a dream and choose to persevere in order to build it, in spite of every possible defeat that life may present them with. A story of revolt, of endless lives and deeds—lives that were voiceless and lives whose voice was forgotten. A story that spans eras, oceans and continents, wars and revolutions, from Genoa to New York to St. Petersburg, from Domokos to Sidon. Among them, there is a woman born in 1901, "the oldest human being in the world," who knows every story and has lived through all of them. Her name is Canarina. That's what the young women who worked in the munitions industry in the Great War were called, because the TNT made their faces and hands yellow. She was sixteen years old, the Canarina, when she hid a few grains of the deadly compound under her toenails, subtracting a little bit from the war every day. 

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Publication date: 26.08.2021
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 288
Country: Italia

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