The Choice

We are in Rome, in the sultry days of July 1943. In a house in a working-class neighborhood, fourteen-year-old Margherita becomes a woman and is lonely. Her brother Arnaldo, an 18-year-old rebel, is long gone. Her mother Maria searches for food to feed the family. Her father Ascenzo, an usher at the Stefani news agency, looks after fascist President Morgagni with personal and political devotion. Father and son are enemies. Enemies who love each other. But enemies. Margherita is lost, fear overflowing from her heart.Meanwhile, decisive days arrive for the fate of Italy: the belief that the eternal city, with its symbols, is untouchable shatters. It is July, the sun warms the streets, but suddenly the sky darkens. Bombs rain down in San Lorenzo.As the former world disappears, each member of the De Dominicis family must come to terms with a present that throws one against the other. In six days Rome is bombed by the Allies and Mussolini falls. History runs fast and puts everyone with their backs to the wall. It is, in every Italian home, the moment of choice.Walter Veltroni tells of different generations that, yesterday as today, must start talking to each other again. Because only when the sons face the fathers, and the fathers, at least for a moment, remember that they were sons, is it possible to leave the darkness behind, to open doors and windows to the future.

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Publication date: 22.03.2022
Publisher: Rizzoli

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La scelta Rizzoli - BUR
18 April 2023
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