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Chronicles of Good and Evil.

Between past and present runs a thin red thread that speaks of us. To find it we must try to interpret the events of yesterday and today, listen to their witnesses and gather clues about our history by questioning ourselves along the way about the direction it is taking.

This is what Walter Veltroni does in his new book, as a curious and sensitive chronicler, when he evokes the years of lead or analyzes the fears of contemporary Italy, when he remembers the victims of the Shoah and condemns the explosions of social hatred, when he makes Cardinal Ravasi and psychoanalyst Umberto Galimberti speak or converses with Adriana Asti, Renato Zero, Woody Allen, Ornella Vanoni or Francesco Totti.

When he remembers Maradona, Gigi Proietti, Raffaella Carrà, Gino Strada, David Sassoli, the heroes of national soccer in 1968 and many, many more.

From politics to schooling, from news to entertainment, from cinema to sports: each story the author tells in this book runs through our emotions and solicits the memory of the country to compose a larger mosaic in which we can ultimately find ourselves. As in an ideal sentimental diary of Italians.

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Publication date: 04.10.2022
Publisher: Solferino

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