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This year the Constitution turns 75 years old. An important birthday, and yet the fundamental law of the Italian Republic is an aged lady with very few wrinkles: it is still the law of laws, the one on which our being citizens and, although it may seem strange, our lives are based. To show us how much the Constitution is still alive and affects everyone closely, including girls and boys, Walter Veltroni tells us about the twelve fundamental principles of the Charter, which correspond to the initial articles, through the stories of twelve children. Some are fictional characters, others existed for real, but all of them, through their stories and reflections, show us the deeper meaning of the Constitution. Each story illustrates essential themes such as dignity, rights, welcome, peace, autonomy, and is followed by an explanation by Francesco Clementi, professor of Italian and comparative public law, who shows us some ways to translate the principles underlying our Charter.

A book to discover what it means to be active citizens, as well as a valuable support for the teaching of "Citizenship and Constitution" in schools, according to ministerial indications.

"To the children who will read this book I would like to say that our Constitution is not just a list of rules, but is above all a fascinating tale of a possible life.,"

The twelve principles of the Constitution told through the stories of twelve children.  On the 75th anniversary, a book to understand the meaning of our Charter.

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Publication date: 15.11.2022
Publisher: Feltrinelli Kids

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