Stella Pulpo

Stella Pulpo was born in 1985 in Taranto. She moved to Milan aged twenties, when made her debut with the publication of short stories in anthologies of emerging authors, but the "consecration" came in 2011 with the blog "Memoirs of a Vagina" that made her one of the most beloved female voices on the web, known by the nickname "the Vagi." She later contributed to several newspapers and magazines, including "Sette - Corriere della Sera", "Cosmopolitan", "Linkiesta", "Rolling Stone", and "Donna Moderna". In 2017 she published with Rizzoli the novel Fai uno squillo quando arrivi; in 2019 she wrote as a Giulia De Lellis's ghost the bestseller Le corna stanno bene su tutto. But I was better off without them! (Mondadori); in 2020 the narrative reportage Esserti fedele sempre (or maybe not) (Sperling & Kupfer).
Her work investigates, without disguise, with irony and scathing lucidity, the relationship between sex, the body, relationships and gender issues.
C'era una volta il sesso (Feltrinelli, 2023), is her newest publication.

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C'era una volta il sesso 6 June 2023

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