Federica Manzon

Federica Manzon was born in Pordenone, lives and works in Milan. She is the author of the novels Come si dice addio (2008), Di fama e di sventura (2011, Premio Rapallo Carige, Premio Campiello Selezione Giuria dei Letterati, Premio Asti d’Appello) and La nostalgia degli altri (2017). Her most recent book is Il bosco del confine (2020). She is editor of I mari di Trieste (2015) and of the tour guide Trieste - percorsi d'autore (2022). Her writings have appeared in severals magazines, anthologies and collections. She has worked as foreign fiction editor at Mondador and as the director of educational projects at Scuola Holden. She is part of the organizazion committee of the Pordenonelegge festival, and writes for Il Piccolo, the main daily newspaper of Trieste. In January, 2023 she has been appointed editorial director of Guanda.

Titles +
Trieste - percorsi d'autore 23 September 2022
Il bosco del confine 10 September 2020
La nostalgia degli altri 6 April 2017

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