Michele Santoro

Michele Santoro, journalist, presenter and television author, is one of the best known faces on the Italian scene. His programmes include Samarcanda, Il rosso e il nero, Moby Dick, Sciuscià, Il raggio verde, Annozero and Servizio pubblico. Most recently, he hosted M. on Rai 3. He is the author of the documentaries Robinù (2016), a portrait of the baby-bosses of the Camorra presented at the Venice Film Festival, and C'è qualcuno (2017), a reportage on the Rigopiano hotel tragedy. In 1991 he created and conducted, with Maurizio Costanzo, the "Per Libero Grassi" marathon, in which public and private television joined forces for a long live broadcast against the Mafia. He has written Nient'altro che la verità (2021), Non nel mio nome (2022).  

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Not in My Name 30 August 2022
Nothing but the Truth 29 April 2021

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