Francesco Carlo

A rapper and writer from Reggio Calabria, he is a member of Kalafro, a rap/reggae collective with strong ties to his homeland, who claimed the legacy of the fighting rap of the 1990s.
In 2014, afer a trip to Palestine he inaugurates his own highly followed blog on the pages of Fatto Quotidiano, where he writes about music, culture, current events and politics. In the meantime, he begins research work on the relationship between rap and poetry, which sees him involved in LIPS - Lega Italiana Poetry Slam.
In the same period, he began a teaching career at juvenile penal institutions (Rome, Florence, Bari, Turin), schools and addiction recovery communities, holding a series of writing and poetry workshops dedicated especially to at-risk youth.
In 2017 he also received an award from the ANPI (Partisan Association) for his work on remembering the Liberation struggle through music. 
In 2020 he published by Il Castoro Te Lo Dico In Rap, the first Italian book on Hip-Hop dedicated specifically to children and young people, and he leads on Rai Gulp "Entra Nel Cerchio," a series dedicated to explaining Hip-Hop culture to the general public.
In 2021 Barre - Rap, Dreams and Secrets in a Juvenile Prison, published by minimum fax, was released. In 2022 he collaborates with the association Antigone for the series "Keep It Trill," dedicated to the role of music in the world of juvenile detention in Italy and, on the same theme, he writes and directs the series "Barre Aperte," broadcast in 8 episodes on Repubblica TV.

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