Hamlet 2

A classic play in a furious and colorful rereading, available only in ebook. Filippo Timi takes Hamlet and elevates it to the square: he rereads it, amplifies it, twists it. Alongside a prince of Denmark drunk with madness, modern - unlikely - companions in misfortune, ready to dance like acrobats between fiction and reality.

"Timi dismantles Shakespeare's tragedy, turns Hamlet's father into Marilyn Monroe, erases the classical framework and plays with pop culture but does not erase doubts, does not offer answers. Everyone finds his own" (Silvia Fumarola, la Repubblica).

- The original text, with photos from the performance on BookRepublic - Filippo Timi's ebooks in bookpack

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Publication date: 06.07.2013
Publisher: Roses in the Air

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