C'era una volta il sesso

From the author of the historic blog "Memoirs of a Vagina," among the first in Italy to talk about sex from an unabashedly feminine perspective, comes a no-nonsense book on why we don't (almost) do it anymore and how to try to recapture desire.

"Pulpo has a fertile pen and a razor-sharp tongue. His works are characterized by irony bordering on ferocity." - I. Ravarino, The Messenger

"His style is witty, simpa(te)tic and often laugh-out-loud funny." - F. Pontiggia, Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here we talk about sex. Specifically, it's about us doing less of it. If you're there shaking your head thinking it's untrue because you joyfully copulated no more than three hours ago, great, rejoice, but know that this book is also about you. Because sex-what we do or don't do-tells more about us than we think: who we are, how we are, what we desire; what our lifestyle is and what relationship we have with our bodies; what values, expectations, and priorities punctuate our time; what anxieties take away our sleep; what kind of relationships we live in and with what strategies we stay true to ourselves. For this, Stella Pulpo investigates the sexual recession in our age, reviewing its causes, outcomes and margins for recovery: from the impact of technology on desire to the arrival of children; from threats of impending global catastrophes to personal crises; from the precariousness of relationships to the limits of romantic monogamy. With a due dose of levity-drama is contraindicated to sex, we know-the author starts from her personal experience and gathers testimonies and data from recent studies, and leads us into a wry and brilliant reflection on the new consumption and customs of eros. The ending is open and depends on each person: can we recover the humanity of the encounter with the other? Can we regain the value of healthy, free and obscene fucking?

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Publication date: 06.06.2023
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 224

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