The first beautiful thing

The first beautiful thing is a book, a film, a song, a heel goal, an idea, a glimpse of a palace, a gesture. They are things seen, heard, read, happened or even thought.
The first beautiful thing is the stories out of the flow: a space to review life, in a positive way. With his ironic taste, light tone and pleasure for the discovery of the small and large stories of life, Gabriele Romagnoli collects here the best stories of his lucky column that every day keeps us company on la Repubblica. The first beautiful thing is life that surprises you, a moment, that only moment that is enough to amaze.

"You learn from life, from your own life and from that of others."

Many stories, small and large, to discover the most amazing unexpected events of existence.

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Publication date: 23.04.2024
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Country: Italy

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