A Shifting Truth

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“Crime fiction as a profound exploration of the human psyche.” The Independent

“Carofiglio likes tough men, men who use their fists and know how to handle defeat. But it’s in the realm of psychology that he does his best work.” la Repubblica

“When you’re a strapping big guy, people just assume that you’re stupid. And often, that can be an advantage.” It is with these words that Maresciallo Fenoglio begins his account of the most remarkable investigation of his long career as a Carabiniere…

Rome in the Eighties. A young man is arrested for murder. All the evidence points to him, and the young man doesn’t even bother to claim he’s innocent; he remains shrouded in a stubborn, incomprehensible silence. And so his girlfriend turns to the Carabinieri officer Maresciallo Pietro Fenoglio, swearing that her man had nothing to do with it. Something about this case gets under the hard shell of the non-commissioned officer – a man with a past full of adventures and mysteries – and he decides to dig into the matter independently. In the end, he discovers that the facts of the case are quite different from those presented in the official investigation. Above all, he is now confronted with an unexpected and disturbing dilemma.

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Publication date: 24.06.2014
Publisher: Einaudi Stile Libero
Number of Pages: 118
Country: Italy

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Una mutevole verità Einaudi - Super ET
1 January 2018
Una mutevole verità Einaudi - Super ET
1 January 2016
Une vérité changeante Folio - Policier
16 March 2023
Une verité changeante Slatkine & Cie.
5 May 2022
Trügerische Gewissheit Folio Verlag
1 February 2016
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Foreign rights sold in
Germany: Folio Verlag

Audiovisual rights sold to Clemart.
In autumn 2023, the TV series Il metodo Fenoglio, based on Gianrico Carofiglio's trilogy (Una mutevole verità, L'estate fredda and La versione di Fenoglio) will be released. A Rai Fiction and Clemart co-production, sold worldwide by Beta Film, starring actor Alessio Boni as Maresciallo Fenoglio.

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