During a summer dinner, after having a few drinks, eight writers begin to confess to each other the worst embarrassments of their lives. Things that the next day, sober, you wish you had not only not told, but more importantly never experienced. Instead, after some time Niccolò Ammaniti calls them and says: do you have the courage to write them down? Hence was born a funny, self-deluding and somewhat crazy anthology. These are stories of work, love, and mistaken encounters in which it turns out that the missteps are existential turning points and like scars remind us of who we were and what we have become. With stories by Niccolò Ammaniti, Diego De Silva, Paolo Giordano, Antonio Pascale, Francesco Piccolo, Christian Raimo, Elena Stancanelli, Emanuele Trevi.

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Publication date: 08.07.2014
Publisher: Einaudi
Number of Pages: 260

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