TV series broadcasted in Italy in 2021 and distributed all over the world.

Financial Times Best Books 2017 – Fiction in translation

“Ammaniti sets a new standard in post-apocalyptic fiction” John Burnside, The Guardian

“This unbeatable storytelling - an immediate and engaging study of humanity at its best and worst.” Zoë Apostolides, Financial Times

“Anna has pretty much everything you could hope for from a post-apocalyptic picaresque adventure story”. London Review of Books

Imagine a Sicily as mysterious as a forgotten continent, where there is no electricity and wild dogs follow you on the highway. A ruthless virus has exterminated the adults and left the youth alive. In this world of cadavers and useless objects, the children play, fight and love. And now imagine Anna, thirteen years old, and Astor, her eight-year-old brother. They inherited a prodigious desire to survive and a notebook in which their mother gave them instructions on how to do so. Few writers have known how to recount the fragility of destiny, opening it wide before our eyes with all its naked biological energy. But no one has incarnated it with so much softness in the gaze of a thirteen-year-old, marvelously stubborn in her ability to sniff out, like an animal, every possibility for survival. In a primitive landscape shorn of the civility warmth, Anna, her brother and a large dog set out on an initiatory voyage through roads and forests, malls and houses falling apart, in quest for an obscure happiness. With Anna, Niccolò Ammaniti has written his most ambitious and heart-rending novel. A miraculous homage to life. “After the epidemic Anna had plunged into a loneliness so vast and dull as to leave her an emptied idiot for months, but not once, not even for a second did the idea of putting an end to it all cross her mind, because she felt that life was stronger than all this. Life doesn’t belong to us, it cuts through us.”

Anna is a Sky Original series commissioned by Sky Studios for Sky Italia, produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli with Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, part of Fremantle, in co-production with ARTE France, The New Life Company and Kwaï. Fremantle is the international distributor. Niccolò Ammaniti is showrunner and director of the series, and co-writer with Francesca Manieri (Veloce come il vento, Il Primo Re, Il Miracolo, We Are Who We Are). Anna aired in France in September 2021 (Read the French presentation here)

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Publication date: 29.09.2015
Publisher: Einaudi Stile Libero
Country: Italy

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Anna Emons
8 March 2018
Ana Botimet Dudaj
26 March 2021
Anna Text Publishing
Australia e Nuova Zelanda
3 August 2017
Anna Vorto Palabra
31 July 2020
Anna (paperback FR) Livre de Poche
13 March 2021
Anna Grasset
14 September 2016
Anna Eisele
27 September 2019
Anna Eisele
10 August 2018
Anna Metaixmio
31 October 2016
Ана Antolog
1 February 2020
Anna Lebowski
8 February 2017
Anna Lebowski
15 January 2016
Anna Odeon Ikar
14 March 2019
Anna Anagrama
20 June 2018
Anna Anagrama
8 June 2016
Anna Angle Editorial
Spagna (Catalano)
8 June 2016
Anna Can Yayinlari
1 April 2018
Anna Canongate
5 April 2018
Anna Canongate
3 August 2017
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Albania: Botimet Dudaj
Australia and New Zealand: Text Publishing
Brazil: Bertrand Editora Brasil
China: Shanghai 99 Reader’s Culture
Croatia: Vorto Palabra
France: Grasset
Germany: Eisele
Greece: Metaixmio
Kuwait and Middle East: Dar Kalemat
Macedonia: Antolog Books
The Netherlands: Lebowski
Serbia: Plato Books
Slovakia: Ikar
Spain and Latin America (Castilian): Anagrama
Spain (Catalan): Angle Editorial
Turkey: Can Yayınları
UK & US: Canongate

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