La nostalgia degli altri

Lizzie is flighty, selfish and full of charm, a born dictator, surrounded by a reckless reputation since her teenage years. Adrian is shy, clumsy, unable to make a bold move, and yet driven by dangerous desires. The two meet at the Aquarium: a large entertainment industry, a place where feelings and dreams are transformed into digital worlds. They do not hang out, but every night they write to each other. Trouble for two people convinced that to tell a story well you can make it real. And the more bodies shirk and virtual contact ramps up, the more their falling in love grows. But who is Adrian really? A dedicated lover or a cruel tyrant? A flesh-and-blood person or a social networking fake? And most importantly, what does Lizzie know about him? Why is she not startled when she begins to realize that everything Adrian has told about himself lacks coherence? In the background, a Milan vivid in its tics, terraces, climbers, alcohol and drugs, and nights, and in contrast a wild and poetic Trieste from which one can only get away. Milan is ambition, Trieste is feeling. Adrian and Lizzie become, page after page, characters from whom we would never want to part. Immersed to the bone and in spite of themselves in the story of their love, in the yearning for all that can never be, in the nostalgia for a magnificent time that is immediately lost and forever regretted. Federica Manzon constructs a limpid and engaging tale about identity and the need to hide it, about our present where truth is always behind a screen and authenticity seems an unfashionable matter, but also about our childhoods and forgotten games, about the rules of attraction. A novel that feels contemporary with very rare accuracy, but is first and foremost a story about the struggle to understand each other when we love each other, or when love is just a well-told story. "No one is more hopelessly lost than two good guys who have ruined each other."

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Publication date: 06.04.2017
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 167
Country: Italia

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