Io non ho paura (I’m Not Scared)

I’m Not Scared was made into an acclaimed film by Gabriele Salvatores in 2008.

“The new Italian word for talent is Ammaniti.”
The Times

“A deft masterpiece with never a false note.”
The Guardian

The hottest summer of the twentieth century. A tiny community of five houses in the middle of wheat fields. While the adults shelter indoors, six children venture out on their bikes across the scorched, deserted countryside. In the midst of that sea of golden wheat, nine-year-old Michele Amitrano discovers a secret so momentous, so terrible, that he dare not tell anyone about it. To come to terms with what he finds, he will have to draw strength from his own imagination and sense of humanity. The reader witnesses a dual story: the one that is seen through Michele’s eyes, and the tragedy involving the adults of this isolated hamlet. The result is an immensely powerful, lyrical and skilfully narrated novel, reminiscent of Stephen King’s Stand By Me.

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Publication date: 01.01.2001
Publisher: Einaudi
Number of Pages: 230

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Io non ho paura Einaudi Super ET
1 January 2014
Io non ho paura Einaudi Stile Libero
1 January 2010
Io non ho paura Einaudi
1 January 2001
Io non ho paura (paperback) Einaudi
1 January 2001
Unë nuk kam frikë Botimet Dudaj
1 January 2012
Io non ho paura Sharq/Gharb
Arabic world
1 January 2013
Ես չեմ վախենում Zangak
1 July 2023
I’m Not Scared Text Publishing
3 February 2003
Eu Não Tenho Medo Companhia das Letras
16 March 2017
Ich habe keine angst Eisele Verlag
27 July 2023
Не ми е страв Antolog
1 October 2018
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Foreign rights sold in
Albania: Botimet Dudaj
Arabic world: Sharq/Gharb (e/o Europa)
Armenia: Zangak
Australia: Text Publishing
Brazil: Bertrand Editora Brasil
Bulgaria: Colibri
China: Crown Publishing, Horizon Media, Shanghai 99 Reader’s Culture
Croatia: AGM
Czech Republic: Havran
Denmark: Gyldendal
Estonia: Pegasus
Finland: Otava Publishing
France: Grasset, Laffont
Germany: Fischer, Reclam
Greece: Kastaniotis
Hungary: Ulpius Haz, Európa Könyvkiadó
Iceland: Bjartur
Israel: Kinneret
Japan: Hayakawa Shobo
Latvia: Jāņa Rozes apgāds
Lithuania: Tyto alba
Korea: Sigongsa
Kuwait and Middle East: Dar Kalemat
Macedonia: Kultura
Mozambico: Trinta Zero Nove
The Netherlands: Wereldbibliotheek, Lebowski
Norway: HR Ferdinand, Vigmostad og Bjørke
Poland: Muza
Portugal: Dom Quixote, Bertrand Editora
Portugal (Mozambico): Sociedade editorial Ndjira
Romania: Humanitas
Russia: Machaon, Inostranka, Atticus
Serbia: Plato Books
Slovenia: Študentska založba
Slovakia: Slovart
Spain and Latin America (Castilian): Grijalbo, Anagrama
Spain (Catalan): Empuries
Sweden: Norstedts
Thailand: Butterfly Publishing
Turkey: Can Yayinlari
Uk: Canongate
Vietnam: Phu Nu

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