Ti prendo e ti porto via (Steal You Away)

Steal You Away is also about a boy faced with difficult moral choices that will define his future. It traces the path to Ammaniti’s follow-up, I’m Not Scared, the global bestseller that became a hit film in 2003. In the end, we get two heart-wrenching love stories for the price of one. This young storyteller exercises the confidence, honesty and sensibility of a master without spilling a drop of sweat.”
The Times

“Ammaniti beautifully evokes the lopsided streets of an Italian backwater and, especially in Pietro’s surprising friendship with the prettiest girl in the village, the shadow life of childhood.”
The New Yorker

In a tiny Italian village, a young boy named Pietro is growing up tormented by bullies and ignored by his parents. When an aging playboy, Graziano Biglia, returns to town, a change is in the air: Pietro decides to take on the bullies, his lonely teacher Flora finds romance with the town’s prodigal son, and the inept janitor at the school proclaims his love for his favorite prostitute. But the village isn’t ready for such change, and when Graziano seduces and forgets Flora, both she and Pietro’s tentative hopes seem crushed forever. With great tenderness, Ammaniti shines light on the heart-wrenching failures and quiet redemptions of ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives. I’ll Steal You Away is a fresh and classic story of a boy learning to be a man that delivers on the promise of Ammaniti’s acclaimed debut.

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Publication date: 01.01.1999
Publisher: Mondadori / Einaudi
Number of Pages: 530

Editions +
I'll Steal You Away Text Publishing
7 May 2007
Pokupit ću te i odvesti AGM
1 January 2006
Vezmu tě a odvedu tě pryč Havran
Czech Republic
1 January 2008
Et je t’emmène (paperback) Le Livre de Poche
11 March 2003
Et je t’emmène Grasset
6 February 2001
Fort von hier Eisele Verlag
27 July 2023
Fort von hier (paperback) Fischer
1 November 2008
Fort von hier Goldmann
1 January 2001
Θα σε πάρω να φύγουμε Kastaniotis
1 March 2003
Magammal viszlek Európa Könyvkiadó
1 January 2009
Zabiorę Cię ze sobą Muza
1 January 2002
Я заберу тебя с собой Inostranka
1 January 2011
Dolazim po tebe i vodim te sa sobom Plato Books
1 January 2010
Dolazim po tebe i vodim te sa sobom Plato Books
1 January 2005
Te llevaré conmigo Anagrama
9 October 2013
Långt, långt härifrån Norstedts
4 July 2003
Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee (paperback) Lebowski
The Netherlands
25 February 2011
Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee Lebowski
The Netherlands
16 February 2010
Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee Lebowski
The Netherlands
1 January 2009
Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee Vassallucci
The Netherlands
1 January 2004
Alır Götürürüm Seni Doğan Kitap
13 June 2003
Steal You Away Canongate
27 February 2007
I'll Steal You Away Canongate
1 May 2007
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Foreign rights sold in
Albania: Botimet Dudaj
Australia: Text Publishing
Croatia: AGM
Czech Republic: Havran
France: Grasset
Germany: Fischer
Greece: Kastaniotis
Hungary: Európa Könyvkiadó
Kuwait and Middle East: Dar Kalemat
The Netherlands: Lebowski
Poland: Muza
Russia: Inostranka, Atticus
Serbia: Plato Books
Spain and Latin America (Castilian): Anagrama
Sweden: Norstedts
Turkey: Doğan Kitap
Uk and Us: Canongate

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