I am Marilyn, seems to say every page of this poignant tale of extraterrestrial and wasted beauty, of endless and exhausted love, of the most beautiful woman who ever lived, of the saddest woman who ever lived.
Marilyn is a journey through the fragrant sheets of a fragile soul in an atom bomb body.
Marilyn icon, Marilyn desired by men of power because she was coveted and unattainable, Marilyn lover and never wife, Marilyn whore and saint, Marilyn survived her mother. Marilyn, life as a daydream.
Filippo Timi is Marilyn, we all are Marilyn, always between prayer and supplication. A compassionate hallucination, this book is the ultimate raid on Marilyn Monroe's mind. It is as if Philip, in the moment before the diva's death, said to her, "I tell you about life as it is in some other universe. There are worlds in which goddesses are immortal and pain impossible. You know the life you leave behind, I tell you your life saved."

«Marilyn Monroe, like Coca-Cola, comes from monkeys. We are all Marilyn.»

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Publication date: 05.09.2023
Publisher: Feltrinelli
Number of Pages: 112
Country: Italy

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