Celestial Prologue. In the Atelier of Anselm Kiefer

Prologo celeste constitutes a cultural object of first magnitude not only because of the subject, but because of the approach, which is perfectly suited to the matter and adds an innovative element destined to set the standard.

Maurizio Ferraris, Corriere della Sera

Such a comprehensive and rigorous book was missing from contemporary art history, one that would enshrine the work of Anselm Kiefer as one of the most significant of the last century. Now this gap has been filled by Vincenzo Trione's Prologo celeste, which condenses a reflection that is truly worth a lifetime of study.

Massimo Recalcati, la Repubblica

Trione looks at Kiefer's work from a new, prismatic point of view.

Giuseppe Montesano, Il Mattino 

A daring navigator, a genuine argonaut, Vincenzo Trione narrates with literary emotion the exploration of those museum-workshops, archive-cities that Kiefer titanically materialized in France.

Ugo Nespolo, Il Sole 24 ore

Trione's most palpitating and beautiful book.

Luca Doninelli, Il Giornale

Trione takes us on a journey as adventurous as a Jules Verne novel.

Gaia Manzini, Il Foglio

This is an indispensable text in the art lover's library for several reasons, one of them being a healthy envy at being able to visit Kiefer's studios in France. 

Luca Beatrice, Libero

A portentous essay that projects an epic dimension onto Kiefer's work, like a Chinese lantern.

Marina Valensise, Il Messaggero

Atelier as creative forge, scientific laboratory, anthro-alchemical, library, personal archive, Wunderkammer, device, polygon, small town in which imagination becomes thought and gesture. Among the greatest contemporary artists, Anselm Kiefer has succeeded in doing something that, in grandiosity and ambition, has few comparisons: giving voice to an epic profundity, he has transformed his studios, the spaces in which he materially creates paintings and sculptures, into interminable works of art. In a unique book, enriched by more than seventy photographs (many of them by Kiefer himself), Vincenzo Trione visits these mysterious and inaccessible places like an enchanted pilgrim, accompanying the reader on a privileged itinerary into the artist's mind-atelier.

In Barjac and Croissy, France, Kiefer has singlehandedly built authentic museum-workshops-archives-cities where, like a modern Prospero, he shapes and makes his visions real. Between towers resembling the famous Seven Heavenly Palaces and catacombs carved out of the rock, between theaters reminiscent of those of ancient Greece and hangars used for hypothetical exhibitions, Kiefer has set up authentic cosmogonies that seem to mimic the mechanisms of the mind. In them, the nightmares of the twentieth century are juxtaposed with illuminations of alternative futures. It is difficult to explain to those who have not visited them what these places are, the power they enclose, the overflowing variety of materials they hold. And there are few who have inhabited them: among them, Vincenzo Trione who with Prologo celeste writes a unique book, enriched by more than seventy images (many of them by Kiefer himself). Like a curious and wandering traveler, capable of placing the history of twentieth-century art in resonance with philosophy, mysticism, literature, and the history of the twentieth century in order to make the infinite suggestions underlying the works submerge, Trione delivers an original critical account, in which he accompanies the reader inside the ateliers in a true alchemical journey. Animated by an epic vocation, Kiefer, from time to time, becomes Prometheus, Hephaestus and Sisyphus. These are the three great mythical figures that orient an unforgettable crossing of the skies by Anselm Kiefer.

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Publication date: 28.11.2023
Publisher: Einaudi
Number of Pages: 360
Country: Italy

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