Gills (2015)

New edition, originally published in 1994.

“A fearsomely gifted writer.”
The Independent

“A master storyteller.”
The Guardian

Marco Donati is a young man who studies the behavior of fish. He is terminally ill, with an obsessive mother and a girlfriend. While dragging himself lethargically from one party to another in Rome’s tony neighborhoods, Marco plunges into an endless adventure, like a fearless knight, in an India that seems like a masterpiece made by a mad counterfeiter. Road movies, videogames, quiz show questions at crucial moments, crazy extreme sports and much more, all Ammaniti blended together in a “sandwich full of baccala, broccoli, mayonnaise and curried onions”.

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Publication year: 1994
Publisher: Einaudi Stile Libero
Number of Pages: 212
Country: Italy

Editions +
Branchies Éditions du Félin
1 June 1999
Branchie Einaudi Stile Libero
1 September 2006
Branchie Einaudi Stile Libero
1 January 1997
Branchie Ediesse
1 January 1994
Branquias Grijalbo
21 February 1998
Kieuwen Lebowski
The Netherlands
15 May 2010
Kieuwen Prometheus
The Netherlands
31 December 2006
Foreign rights +

Foreign rights sold in France: Edition du Félin; Greece: Perugia; The Netherlands: Prometheus, Lebowski; Serbia: Vulkan; Spain and Latin America (Castilian): Grijalbo

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